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Common Home Security Tips For Eugene

May 31, 2021
Vivint home security in Eugene

You might think that your surroundings to be safe, there are various steps you can take to make your home more secure. Ultimately, theft and other crimes can happen no matter where you live. Thankfully, it requires just a little effort to make your house a safer place.

Here are a few home security tips in Eugene for your peace of mind.

Eugene home security tip #1 upkeep your yard

Potential burglars tend to hide in dark or overgrown areas where a nearby neighbor is unable to spot them. Ensure your outdoor area is illuminated at night and don’t give them a place to hide. Maintain the bushes and hedges in front of windows to prevent your view from being blocked. It’s much easier to spot suspicious activity in Eugene when neighbors can see your entry points from the sidewalk.

Take a walk around your house to identify potential dark and hidden areas. Some places that offer concealment like garages and decks are smart locations to install motion lights. Wired or solar lighting options can light up a walkway. You might consider using smart light bulbs in your exterior areas, so they can automatically come on if your security system detects an issue.

Eugene home security tip #2 keep your doors locked

When you're sleepy and heading to sleep, do you always check to make sure doors are locked? How many times have you checked in the middle of the night and discovered the door sitting unlocked? Or came back from a nice night out with the garage door completely open?

Simplify your life with smart locks. Set your doors to lock at your prescheduled hour each night or to self-activate less than a minute after the lock was opened. With your smartphone app, you can confirm if your doors are locked. Don’t leave the key underneath a flowerpot. Alternatively, assign unique door codes and get alerts on your phone when they are used. You can even get a sensor that alerts you when you forget to shut the garage door.

Eugene home security tip #3 stay prepared for any disaster

A burglary is only one safety issue you have to worry about. Safeguard against fire, flood, or a carbon monoxide leak with smart detection alarm systems. Chances are you have a run-of-the-mill smoke detector installed already, but monitored fire alarms should facilitate communications with emergency teams when a disaster occurs. As an example, your monitoring team and can contact emergency services while you concentrate on getting your pets and family out of danger and to a safer location.

Senior woman setting Vivint alarm

Eugene home security tip #4 get smart home security with monitoring

Getting a security system works in conjunction with other home security tips for Eugene. You are able to conveniently control your smart lighting, smart locks, and fire alarms through with one smartphone app. You can then pair all your devices to each other and have them operate as a cohesive whole.

If an alarm does trigger, your monitoring team have your back. They'll quickly contact you to ensure your family is safe, then notify police or fire. They'll also be able to protect your house when you're away. Your agents are always prepared to act 24 hours a day, seven days a week, all year long.

Eugene home security tip #5 look out for one another

Always tell a neighbor when you plan a family trip and ask them to check your house periodically. In the event something occurs, they can act as point person until you return. Exchange house keys or customize a door code if you have advanced door locking systems. Of course, you should be willing to watch their house as well.

Secure your home with a Vivint home security system

Your lighting, locks, and alarms can all be served through a Vivint home security system. Call today, and a Vivint security specialist will help customize the ideal home defense system for your unique situation. Place a phone call to (541) 313-4091 or complete the form on this page today.