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Home security system insurance discount in Eugene and additional ways to lower costs with a smart home security system

November 21, 2022
Close up security home system app on a smartphone.

You know that home security systems are great for increasing your safety. They safeguard your house from hazards with modern devices like cameras, smart locks, and alerts. With the right system, you also receive the advantages of a monitoring staff that springs into action as soon as your alarm is triggered.

The bolstered safety is excellent but there’s more as your security installation is even able to make a positive change in your budget. For starters, you can save on energy bills with automated components. And many times fully integrated systems like those offered by Vivint may result in a discount on home insurance.

Monitored smart homes are great for insurance discounts in Eugene

It goes without saying that you might get an insurance discount on your home security system in Eugene. The amount of your discount might vary greatly and is contingent on two key elements - your insurance provider and the sort of devices you install. While a basic, straightforward alarm with one or two entry-point sensors may equate to a minor savings, there may be an opportunity to increase your discount even more.

When you incorporate elements such as surveillance, monitored safety alarms, and smart locks, you may get more of a financial benefit from your insurer. If you want an even bigger discount, be sure to incorporate round-the-clock monitoring. By including monitoring, you’re telling the insurer that a trained professional is always watching your home and ready to respond to any type of emergency, no matter if you’re at home or away. To get specifics on if your home qualifies and the level of your discount, reach out to your insurance agent.

Home automation in Eugene is another way to save

Smart device automation is another great way to reduce costs with your home security. Envision having a smart thermostat that actually knows your routine and adjusts accordingly. Whenever you depart from the house, your thermostat is able to change the temperature on its own to help you cut energy usage. Your lights can function in a comparable manner and light up as you walk into a space or turn off when you leave. Over time, the savings on your utility bills may be surprising.

Complete systems from Vivint are easy to adapt and may be configured during the installation process or done at a later time with your smart hub or cell phone app. In a short time you can set up a flexible, full-featured system.

Didn’t remember to turn off the lights? You can now get access from any location

An additional means to cut costs is by operating your system from a distance. While it’s true your smart home has the ability to change settings on its own, you are also able to simply control components from your smartphone. If you forget to turn off your lighting or alter the thermostat in advance of exiting, don’t fret. Simply go into the Vivint app on your cell phone and make the necessary adjustments. You can even engage or disengage your system from wherever you are. Would you like to alter how your components react? You may update that from your phone as well.

Contact us for your own automated system in Eugene and start saving

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